Personal factsheets

Legal issues to consider for you and your family. Click on the links below to access the relevant topics.

Capital taxes

This group of factsheets covers taxes on the disposal, generally by way of sale, of capital assets and the taxes due on death.

Consumer rights

Details of your rights in various scenarios.

Criminal offences

Information on dealing with criminal charges.


How to deal with different disputes.

Employment and pensions

Concise summaries of information on employment law and pensions.

Family matters

Information on family issues including civil partnerships, partnership breakdown and deaths.


How to deal with financing issues for your property.

Personal injury

How to deal with medical, road traffic and personal injury claims.

Personal tax

Concise information on a variety of topics relevant to an individual.

Residential property

Dealing with legal issues pertaining to your home and other property related issues.

Specialist areas

A round up of some specialist areas from Charities to Community Amateur Sports Clubs.

Wills and inheritance tax

From why you should make a will to how to administer it.

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