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Jargon buster

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Bringing a Claim to Court including Personal Injury Claims

proceedings issued in the High or County Court

the postponement of a case until a later date

the judgment or decision of a Court or tribunal

this stands for 'alternative dispute resolution'. It is used as a way to resolve disputes without going to Court. Mediation is an example of this

procedures and processes which aim to display the truth, through adversarial (conflict-based) techniques i.e. cross-examination

appearing for an individual at a Court hearing

someone (usually a barrister or solicitor) representing a party in a Court hearing

sworn written statement for use in Court proceedings

declaration made by a witness who has no religious beliefs (or who has religious beliefs that prevent them taking the Oath) that confirms the evidence he or she is giving is truthful

an application to a higher Court for review of a decision of a lower Court

an alternative method of resolving disputes paid for by the parties, determined by an arbitrator

the standard of proof in civil proceedings

barristers are specialists in advocacy, usually under instruction from a solicitor

a set of papers giving the details of a client's case for use in Court

the offices where barristers work

matters concerning private rights rather than offences against the State

the rules which set out the procedure for bringing, defending and conducting claims in the Civil Courts

this refers to the demand for damages or other civil remedy  against another party

the form that commences official legal proceedings

the person bringing the claim, formerly known as the Plaintiff

an action for damages arising from the alleged negligence of a medical practitioner

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